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include Vs. extend in Ruby

So after a productive weekend of finally reflecting on my ruby community immersion in 2010, I decided enough was enough and I need to dive right into the Practicing Ruby newsletter. The first topic that spans the two issues was on Ruby's Method Lookup path, a fundamental concept for rubyists to know, internalize & understand. If you want to find out about this topic & other great reads, I highly recommend that you sign up for Practicing Ruby. For $8 a month, it is a worthwhile investment in building your understanding of Ruby. If you are someone who seeks value add not just to yourself and prefers that your actions also help others, you will be happy to learn that the proceeds of the newsletter help in supporting Ruby Mendicant University.

You may be wondering what this all has with Include vs Extend in Ruby. Well, the example code that Gregory Brown used in the newsletter used both include & extend and that made me wonder what the difference between them was. My gut reaction was that maybe you use include when you are defining classes and use extend when you want to mixin the functionality of modules directly into the object's singleton class, i.e, the object itself. Good thing I decided to check because I would have been wrong. John Nunemaker has a nice post on this that I recommend checking out but the gist is that when you extend a module, the methods defined in that module become class methods of the class whereas when you include a module, the methods become instance methods. If you want to know the difference between class & instance methods, John Nunemaker once again comes to your rescue

So there you have it, some resources to read through to understand the difference between include and extend in Ruby. My goal is to document the questions that arise as I catch up to the Practicing Ruby newsletter and post what I find here. That way I can have it documented here to look back to, I can share what I learn with others, and if I am wrong, people can point that out and correct me through comments. Let's hope I can keep this up :).

UPDATE: Since writing this post, Greg has made a tough decision and the practicing ruby newsletter is going to be discontinued in the coming weeks. Therefore, I suggest that you only subscribe if you are interested in receiving the back issues and/or supporting RMU. I also would like to remind you that if you wish to support RMU, there is a pledgie set up and you can help ensure that RMU continues to run sustainably by donating however much you can. Thank you for your support.

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